Sunday, July 19, 2015

14 amazing facts that you do not know about Palawan

Palawan is known as one of the beautiful island in the world. Tourists from different parts of the world visit this haven and paradise island in the Philippines.

In this article, you will read the amazing information that makes Palawan not only an attractive place for foreign and local visitors, but you will also read quick facts that makes Filipinos especially Palawenos proud of. 

1. Palawan  is one of the largest island province in the Philippines.

The beautiful island of Palawan

2.  According to legend and some historians, the name of Palawan originated in Chinese language, Indian language, and Spanish language. In Chinese word, "Pa-Lao-Yu" means land of beautiful harbors. In Indian word, "Palawan" means territory. In Spanish word, "Paragua" means resemblance of a close umbrella.

3.  The highest mountain in Palawan is Mt. Mantalingahan of Southern Palawan. It is 6,800 feet above sea level. This is a good place for hikers to see and enjoy the beauty of Palawan.

4.  If you are an animal advocate, you can visit Palawan and see those endangered animals like purple crab, bearded pig, bearcat, leopard cat, hornbill, scops owl, peacock peasant, myna bird, and pilandok

5. It has an animal sanctuary that caters some African animals . This place is called Caluit island of northern Palawan. You will be amazed how those animals live together in one island.

6. It has world class beaches. 

7. When I heard my mother-in-law speaking to my wife, I was surprised because it sounds different. Then I learned that it is one of the native language of Palawan. I also learned that there  are more than 50 dialects in the province. The mostly used is Tagalog and Pinalwan. But despite of many spoken dialects, English is still widely used in the province.

 8. Palawan has its own version of tricycle. 

 9. This year I am planning to visit Puerto Princesa Underground River because it is one of most visited place, and it is also known as one of the longest underground river in the world.

10. Palawan is also known for its delicious danggit (dried fish) and cashew nuts. Oh how I miss those food.

11. According to archaeological studies, this province is the cradle of Philippine civilization after the discovery of human bones in Tabon Cave.

 12. Palawan deserve this award -  Best Island in the World by Conde Nast Traveler 27th Readers’ Choice Awards last 2014.

 13. The largest crocrodile in the world was caught in Palawan. Its name was Lolong.

14. It has its own natural gas field called Malampaya gas field. It was discovered in 1992 and was developed by Shell Philippines.

 So what do you think of Palawan? For me, it is really a haven and a paradise. Come and visit in Palawan.

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