Monday, October 29, 2012

How to Acquire Filipino Citizenship

This article will give you information on how to acquire Filipino citizenship. For those foreigners who wants to be a Filipino and planning to live in Philippines, then this information will give you a guide.

According to the Philippine 1987 Constitution Article 4 Section 1, the following are citizens of the Philippines.

1. Those who are citizens of the Philippines at the time of the adoption of the constitution.

2. Those whose fathers or mothers are citizens of the Philippines.

3. Those born before January 7, 1973 of Filipino mothers, who elect Philippine citizenship upon reaching the age of maturity, and those who are naturalized in accordance with law.

Kind of Citizens

There are two kinds of citizens; the natural born and the naturalized born. The natural-born is one who at the time of birth is already a citizen of the Philippines. 

A naturalized citizen is one who has originally a citizen of another country, but has acquired a new citizenship in a different country.

There are questions especially from foreigners on how to acquire Filipino citizenship. This is what we called citizenship by naturalization. 

There are two ways to be naturalized: first, by applying to a court, second, by a law passed by the congress.

Let us discuss these two ways.

1. Any foreigner can apply at regional court for naturalization. After the application was reviewed, and passed the qualifications, the court may grant him a document declaring him a naturalized citizen.

2. The congress will pass a proposal and it will be approved and signed by the President. This is usually happens when a foreign did a notable services to our country, and wish to live here for the rest of his life. But before a foreigner will be granted a Filipino citizenship. he/she must have the following qualifications:

  • A foreigner must be at least 21 years of age.
  • A foreigner must have resided continuously in the Philippines for 10 years.
  • A foreigner must behaved well during his/her stay in the Philippines.
  • A foreigner must be able to speak the Filipino language.
  • A foreigner must have a profitable business or property in the Philippines.

However, not all foreigners can be qualified to become a Filipino citizen. Below are the following:
  • A person of other countries which do not permit Filipinos to become naturalized citizens.
  • A person of other countries with whom the Philippines is at war.
  • A foreigner who does not want to embrace Filipino customs and traditions.
  • A foreigner who is suffering from incurable disease physically or mentally.
  • A foreigner who is convicted of crimes.
  • A foreigner who believe in having more than one spouse.
  • A foreigner who encourages violence.
  • A foreigner who does not believe in a form of government.
Now that you have the information of acquiring Filipino citizenship, I hope this article will be helpful.

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