Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What are the Filipino Traditional Games for Kids?

Filipino traditional games for kids are almost forgotten nowadays. You will see few Filipino children playing tumbang preso, patintero, luksong tinik, etc. 

In this article, you will read what are those games that we Filipinos should not forget, including short description of how to play those games. 
While I was walking yesterday, I saw a group of children playing ‘luksong baka’. They were having fun while enjoying the game. Then I remember my childhood days twenty five years ago. I also use to play that kind of game with my neighboring kids especially on weekends.

As years went by, these Filipino traditional games for kids are slowly disappearing. You can rarely see Filipino kids playing patintero, tumbang preso, luksong tinik, luksong baka, taguan, syato, habulan, etc. These games were replaced by gadgets like xbox, playstation, nintendo, and kids are more exposed to Western Sports activities.

Amidst the popularity of these latest game gadgets and non-Filipino sports, we must not lay aside and forget our traditional games. We must always remember that this is our cultural heritage and treasure. There are many known traditional Filipino games for kids, but I will only name the Filipino traditional games that I still remember when I was a kid.

1. Patintero – this is a popular game not only for kids, but including adults. I remember that we played this game not only in the morning, but sometimes in the evening when it is full moon. We used chalk or water to make lines. The rule of the game is very simple: make it sure that you can cross the line without being catch or touch by the other group.

2. Piko – this is the Filipino version of hopscotch. I always see my two sisters playing this game when they were still kids, because it is a popular game among the girls.

luksong tinik
3. Luksong Tinik – Two players will be the base by putting their right feet or left feet together. While the other players will jump without touching the two players feet.

luksong baka
4. Luksong Baka – It is a popular variation of luksong tinik. The ‘it’ will bend while the other players will jump over him/her. The bending player will gradually stands up as the game continues. A jumper who will not be able to jump over, or touch the ‘it’ while jumping will become the next ‘it’.

tumbang preso
5. Tumbang Preso – This is a Filipino street game among kids. I really enjoyed this game a lot. The ‘it’ will be in charged of the tin can, while the other players will strike it using their slippers (pamato). The rules of the game varies in different places.

6. Taguan – This is the American version of hide-and-seek. The ‘it’ will say these phrase while the players are looking for their place to hide.
“Tagu-taguan maliwanag ang buwan. Pagbilang ko nang sampu nakatago na kayo. Isa,dalawa,tatlo,apat,lima,anim,pito,walo,siyam,sampu.”
After the counting is done, he/she will locate those who are hiding. This game is more challenging when it is done in the evening. My father told me that he and his siblings always play this game when it is full moon in the evening.

saw saw suka
7. Sawsaw-suka – The ‘it’ has/her palm open. The other players will touch his palm using their index finger while singing this song –“sawsaw suka mahuli taya'”. The ‘it’ will catch any players finger after the songs.

bahay bahayan
8. Bahay-bahayan – This is a very good game for kids. They will act as a family member. Each of them will be given a responsibility like cooking,taking care of an imaginary baby,etc. I remember that my playmates always bring small cooking objects made of clay, while I am in charge of building our small imaginary house made from banana leaves or blankets.

teks game
9. Teks – These are game cards which contain comic strips and texts within speech balloons. We played these cards by tossing it to the air until it hit the ground. We used our thumbs and forefingers to toss the cards. The winner will collect cards on how the cards are laid upon hitting the ground.

jak n poy
10. Jack and Poy – This is the American version of rock-paper-scissors. Two players will do rock-paper-scissors while saying these words-“Jack and Poy, hale hale hoy, sinong matalo syang unggoy.
11. Holen – We used marbles to play this game. You must be a sharpshooter to win this game. It is played by aiming at the marbles inside the circle. You must hit the marbles inside by flicking your fingers while holding your own marbles. Whoever gets the most marbles win the game.

12. Sipa – The object that is being used in this game is called ‘sipa’. It is toss upward for the player to kick it using the foot. The player will kick it as long as he wants. However, the ‘sipa’ must not touch the ground. The player with most number of kicks wins the game.

langit lupa
13. Langit Lupa – You need to say these lyrics in choosing the ‘it’ while pointing to the player one by one-“langit lupa impyerno. im im impyerno. Saksak puso tulo anf dugo, patay buhay alis diyan.” The player will be the ‘it;, if he/she is pointed after the song. Then the ‘it’ will chase and tag the players who remain on the ground. A player cannot be tag if he/she will stay above the ground.

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