Monday, October 15, 2012

About the Philippines Natural Resources

imageOur country is rich in various and unique forms of plants and animals that can be only found in the Philippines. Let me share the following information about the Philippines natural resources.





  • Our seas produce different fish, sea products, shells, and pearls. We have the famous fishes that Filipinos can be proud of like bangus, talakitok, lapu-lapu,banak.
  • The smallest freshwater fish in the world, Pandaca Pygmea (dwarf- pygmy goby) is found in Camarines Sur, Philippines. This smallest vertebrate may now be extinct due to the pollution of its habitat.
  • The smallest and one of the biggest clams in the world, the pisidium and tridacna gigas, are found in Philippines seas.
  • Conus Gloria Maris, a rare shell can only be found in the Philippines.
  • We have rare animals and birds species like the world’s smallest primates, the tarsier which is found in Bohol; the tamaraw, an extraordinary animal that looks like a carabao in Mindoro; the mouse deer found in Balabac Islands, Palawan; the country’s most beautiful bird, the Paboreal; the Philippine Eagle, our national bird; Lawin, known as the smallest falcon; the Philippines biggest bird, the sharpe’s crane.
  • The Philippines is also blessed with a lot of mineral resources such as steel, gold, asphalt, manganese, carbon, sulphur, oil, feldspar, phosphate, nickel, marble, limestone. Few years ago, oil was also discovered in Palawan.
  • Types of bamboo can be seen in different parts of the Philippines. These bamboos were exported in other countries, and used for materials in the house, making furniture and many more.
  • Our forests are abundant in trees like mahogany, molave, apitong, yakal, ipil, etc. Those trees are used for making furniture and house. The country’s narra tree is also popular for its strength and durability.
  • The Philippine is famous for its rope known as Abaca. This rope is known worldwide for its strength and durability.
  • The Philippines is widely known for the production of tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, and banana. We also export coconut in different countries.
  • The Philippines has different varieties of palms. The coconut tree (cocos nucifera) is found in almost regions of the Philippines.

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