Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What are the cultural changes and influenced of Spanish colonization in our country?

Philippine has been a colony of Spain for more than 300 years. During this period of colonization, many things changed in our culture. There was a changed in religion, government, arts, education, and character.

In this article, you will read the cultural changes and influenced of Spanish colonization in our country.

When Magellan landed in one of the islands in Samar, one of the things that he did was to convert the natives to Christianity. They were very successful in spreading it. Also, during the colonization period, many Catholic missionaries came to Philippines. They built churches; they changed the way of worship of our ancestors; they introduced many feasts and holy days to celebrate saints and patrons; they also taught the natives how to pray using rosaries. At present, our country is regarded as the only Christian country in Southeast Asia.

When the Spaniards came in our country, our ancestors had already a form of government. But this form of government were changed by the Spaniards. They changed it to centralized government by creating towns, cities, and provinces. The king of Spain appointed Governor Generals to oversee the colonial government of Philippines. And the Governor General is in charge of implementing laws. He was also the one who appoints alkalde mayor, cabeza de barangay, and gobernadorcillo. This form of government can still be seen today.

During the Spanish colonization, Filipinos were given a chance to receive a formal education. Many school and universities were built like Ateneo de Manila and University of Sto. Tomas. Filipinos were also taught how to read and speak Spanish. Until now, many Spanish words are still in use and became a part of our language. Many Filipinos were also exposed to different literatures, arts, and arts.

The Spaniards also exposed the Filipinos in different types of music, dancing, and musical instruments. Our way of clothing also changed. Filipinos learned to wear shoes, pants, skirts, hats, and socks. They also brought recreational games that changed the lifestyle of Filipinos. Many Filipinos were also taught how to design and build buildings, how to draw and paint, and how to compose songs.

Despite of these Spanish positive influences, their were also negative influences in our culture. Below are the following:
1. “Bahala Na” attitude – Filipinos became carefree, and do not strive hard. They believe that God will provide.
2. “Ningas Kugon” attitude – There is always full of enthusiasm at first, but it fades along the way. It resulted to unfinished work.
3. Gambling like conckfighting, horse racing, playing cards, etc.
4. Taking long breaks or “Siesta”.
5. Manyana habit or procastination.
6. Having alalays or utusan.
7. Utang na loob – favor given by giving something in return.
8. Crab mentality and degrading attitude toward a person.

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