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What are the interesting and beautiful places in Laguna, Philippines

Laguna, Philippines is a favorite destinations of local and foreign tourists. It is known for its majestic waterfalls, mouth-watering fruits, delicious delicacies, hot springs, and beautiful mountains. It has also a rich and cultural history that makes people of Laguna proud of their province.

If you are planning to visit interesting and beautiful places in Laguna, please read these travel tips:

  • Casual clothing is recommended.
  • It is advisable to that you book in advance of your stay in a hotel.
  • Credit cards are accepted in major establishments.
  • Travelers check and currency exchange are available in major cities and tourist areas.

So what are the interesting and beautiful places in Laguna, 

Sta.Rosa, Laguna
1. Laguna Technopark – it has world class industrial facilities and a blooming residential development.
2. Paseo de Santa Rosa and Nuvali Park – it is the newest shopping center strategically located between the border of Laguna and Cavite. It is also close to Tagaytay.

3. Enchanted Kingdom – it has more than 20 world class rides and attractions.

Enchanted Kingdom. Photo credit Iloilotoday

Nuvali, Sta.Rosa, Laguna

Los Banos, Laguna
1. University of the Philippines – it is the famous agriculture-based university in the Philippines. Also noted for its center of academic excellence.
2. International Rice Research Institute – it is located inside UP Los Banos. The first in Asia dedicated for research and development of rice production. It also features a museum called Riceworld.
3. UPLB Museum – it houses over 20,000 specimens of local plants, wildlife and insects.
4. Makiling Botanic Garden – it is a natural garden occupying 300 hectares of forest area.
5. Mount Makiling – a mountain good for group hiking and nature lovers.
6. Hot Spring Resorts – Los Banos is famous for its hot springs. You can choose from different resorts, Most of these resorts are located beside the National Highway going to Los Banos, Laguna.

Mt. Makiling by Vic de Vera

University of the Philippines Los Banos
Photo Credit Top Destination Choice

Calamba, Laguna
The name Calamba was derived from the clay stove earthen jar. It is famous for being the birthplace of Dr. Jose Rizal, the country’s national hero.

Jose Rizal house in Calamba Laguna
Photo credit Laguna Travel Guide

Binan, Laguna 
It is the educational center of Laguna’s first district supposedly derived its name from “binyagan” meaning baptismal. The puto Binan is its delicacy.

Binan puto
Photo credit - DoonPoSaAmin
Pagsanjan, Laguna
It is famous for its Pagsanjan Fall. You can take a boat for three hour ride while experiencing 16 rapid rides that ends at Pagsanjan Falls.

Beautiful Pagsanjan Falls
Photo Credit -
Lumban, Laguna
This place is famous for its world class ‘barong’. The barong that is made from Lumbang is popular for its beauty and quality.
Filipino barong tagalog

Barong Embroidery
Photo Credit - Muni

One of the oldest town in Laguna province. Its existence is recorded twice in the oldest Philippine document, the Laguna Copperplate Inscription which dates back to 900 AD.

Spanish church
Photo Credit
Once called Trenchera because of the long trenches. Previously part of Batangas. The famous place to visit here is the Hidden Valley of Alaminos.

Hidden Valley Spring

Hidden Valley Spring
San Pablo City, Laguna
This city is known for its seven lakes. The popular lake here is called Sampaloc lake. It can be viewed from a park beside city hall.

Sampaloc Lake, San Pablo, Laguna
Photo Credit Yenbaet
Nagcarlan, Laguna
This is the site of the underground cemetery, and the only kind in the country. This was built during the 18th century. It has different crypts underground. It was also used by Filipino revolutionaries as a secret place for meeting during Spanish time.

Underground Cemetery during Spanish time
Liliw, Laguna
It is known as the footwear capital of Laguna. In 1965, it was called Lilio, after, Ilio-ilio bird.

Liliw, Laguna handmade shoes
Photo Credit - Laguna Travel Guide
Majayjay, Laguna
It was founded in 1571. Its name came from “ma” which means very, plus, the exertion needed to reach the place would cause you to say “hay hay”. It is home to the beautiful Taytay Falls.

Majayjay Falls
Photo Credit - TravelandCount
Paete, Laguna
It was named after the Tagalog word for chisel. It is the country’s carving capital because of intricate wood carvings, paper mache and wooden shoes or bakya. You can also find Caliraya Lake. It is a man made reservoir popular for aqua sports, like boating, game, fishing, water skiing, and wind surfing.

Paete Wood Carving

Luisiana, Laguna

It is once called Nasunog de Majayjay. It was renamed in honor of Don Luis Bernardo and his wife Dona Ana. This town is famous for its pandan product.

So want can you say about the beautiful places in Laguna? Come and visit Laguna Philippines. For more information, visit the following websites: – this is a blog that talks about the latest happenings and information about Laguna,Philippines – an informative site that will give you tips,and practical guide if you want to travel in Laguna

It is more fun in the Philippines!

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