Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Brief Summary of Philippine Government Agencies and Its Role in Our Country

One of the important elements in our country is the government. It was made to help, assist, protect, and serve every Filipinos. To carry out their role, they formed government agencies that will assist and provide service to Filipinos.

pnpPhilippine National Police (

PNP was formed to maintain orderliness and peacefulness in our country. It is their responsibility to take care and secure public places against criminals and law offenders.




afpArmed Forces of the Philippines (

AFP is in charged of taking care the security of the whole country. They have the Philippine Army, Philippine Navy, and Philippine Air force. They make it sure that every Filipino can move freely from any attacks of other groups against the government.



dohDepartment of Health (

The Department of Health provides health services to every Filipinos. They have different programs in family planning, nutrition, sickness prevention, etc. They also established government hospitals like Philippine Heart Center, Lung Center of the Philippines, Kidney Institute, National Orthopedic Hospital, Children's Medical Center, Philippine General Hospital. They also established health centers in every barangays, so they can serve well. They provide free consultation and free medicine to the poor.


doeDepartment of Education (

The Department of Education is one of the biggest government agencies in our country. They were given a task by our government to provide free education for all. To enforce this, our government built schools in different places, and free education in elementary and secondary level. They also provide scholarships for deserving college students. They have also programs for out of school youth and adults. These are called non-formal educations.


dswdDepartment of Social Welfare and Development (

DSWD is a government agency who is in charge of helping victims of natural disasters. They also take care of homeless children. They also assist jobless Filipinos by providing them livelihood training.



dtiDepartment of Trade and Industry (

The Department of Trade and Industry is a government agency that helps small business to become productive and successful. They also provide seminars and learning centers for Filipinos who want to engage in business.




agricultureDepartment of Agriculture (

This is an agency that helps and assist our farmers in rice and crop production. They also promote the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program for farmers. The purpose of this program is to uplift the livelihood of our poor farmers, and to help them to own a piece of land for farming.



denrDepartment of National Resource (

This department is responsible of taking care of our environment. They have programs for the preservation of our environment and natural resources. One example is tree planting that gained support all over our country. At present, DENR is pushing a program called “Zero Waste Management.” This program encourage public and private institution to dispose the garbage properly.

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