Sunday, October 14, 2012

Overview about the Philippines Geographic Location, Climate, and Resources

philippinesThere were many theories how Philippines was formed. Many believed that our country came from the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean. Others believed that Philippines was the result of a very strong earthquake. However, most historians and geologists agreed that Philippines was once a part of the vast stretch of land of the mainland Asian continent. Our ancestors used these vast stretch of land or ‘land bridges’ to travel by foot to Philippines. But because of the movements of the earth, our country was separated to Mainland Asia.

If you will check the map of Asia, you will see that Philippines is in Southeast Asia. We are surrounded by different countries like Indonesia in the south; Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia in the west; Japan and Taiwan in the north; Guam and Micronesia in the east. Our country is also composed of big and small islands. It is estimated that there are 7,107 islands in the Philippines. Only few of these islands were given names, and almost 2,000 islands are inhabited by Filipinos.

Our country is also divided into three major islands. Luzon is the biggest followed by Mindanao, and Visayas is the smallest. Here are the ten biggest islands in Philippines:


1. Luzon

2. Mindanao

3. Palawan

4. Samar

5. Negros

6. Panay

7. Mindoro

8. Leyte

9. Cebu

10. Bohol

Our country is also blessed with different bodies of water. These forms of water adds beauty in our country. Many foreign visitors visits our country to enjoy the beautiful beaches, lakes, and rivers. One example is Boracay. This beach is one of the most visited places in the Philippines.

Here are the big forms of water surrounding the Philippines:

1. Luzon straight, Balintang Channel, and Bashi Channel in the North.

2. Pacific Ocean in the East

3. South China in the West

4. Mindanao Sea and Celebes Sea in the South

Just like in other Asian countries, the physical environment of our country was characterized as a tropical country. This was the physical environment that the early settlers were accustomed to for a long period of time. Even up to this time, tropical climate with heavy rains and hot temperature prevails in our country.

Philippines is also blessed with rich natural resources. According to studies, our early ancestors live a good and decent lives thousands of years ago. Their daily needs came from the rich natural resources of forests, seas, rivers, plains, etc. Our country is also known for its various and unique forms of plants and animals found in our forests. There are more than 8,000 species of flowers, and approximately 14,000 species of plants. Our country is fortunate to have been gifted with natural resources. I hope we will value it, treasure it, and take care of it for the next generation.

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